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The Jos Alukkas website is a one-stop-shop for all types of jewellery purchases. All the latest trends
in gold, diamond, platinum jewellery are on display on the online store. Interested customers can also
browse through the gold coin and trendy collection sections to make some unique and interesting
designs their own. The Jos Alukkas website is a very user-friendly one and anyone visiting the site
can easily move from one page to another as there are connecting links everywhere.
To make the customer’s online experience a better and enriching one, the website has a “Let Us
Help You” tab at the bottom of the page, which can be put to good use by anyone browsing

The “Let Us Help You” section is divided into the following segments- FAQ, contact us, Payment FAQ,
Ring size guide, bangle size guide, education, order tracking, and offer zone. All these sections are
developed and designed to help the customer choose the jewellery pieces best suited for them.
While most websites have the contact us and payment FAQ pages, what is “different” here is the
ring size and bangle size guide, which helps potential buyers decide upon the correct size for their
rings and bangles and make an informed purchase.

The ring size guide page is very helpful as it has a detailed step-by-step process as to how to
measure your finger size and then match it with the list given on the page to know which ring size is
the best fitting for you. Ditto goes for the bangle size guide page as well.

Another important section of the ‘Let Us Help You’ tab is the Education page, which gives complete
information about all the diamonds and precious stones that are being sold. The page contains
details about their international grading, colour and different types of cuts.

The Order Tracking section helps clients to track the order they have placed from the comfort zone
of their homes. For this, all they need to do is to register their mobile number/e-mail id on the site
and they will get all tracking updates. The FAQ and Payment FAQ sections cater to all queries
regarding purchases and expenses.

The” Let Us Help You” tab is designed for you, the customer so that you have a good online shopping
experience without any hassles and keep coming back to the online store to create more beautiful
jewellery memories.


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