OnePlus’s Zen Mode update boosts your concentration with new ambient sounds

Source: Joe Maring / Android Central

Digital Wellbeing has been a large focus on most smartphone operating system for the past few years. OnePlus’s interpretation is called Zen Mode, and it’s a collection of features created to help you put your phone down and focus on the here and now. More specifically, it locks your phone and hides all notifications for a pre-arranged duration, keeping you distraction-free for up to an hour.

OnePlus announced Zen Mode, an update to the feature that adds ambient sounds to Zen Mode. These sounds were created in collaboration with Tide —an app that focuses on relaxation and meditation. It’s adding five sounds, dubbed; Jellyfishes, Light-Years, Country Mornings, Meditation, and Sunrise. They’re meant to invoke Ocean, Space, Grassland, Meditation, and Sunrise.

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Let’s say you invoke Zen Mode and you really want to focus on writing a news post for Android Central by way of example. You can turn on the “Jellyfishes” soundscape to write to the sound of the ocean in your ears. Or you could play “Country Mornings” and transport yourself to grassy fields, and so on, and so forth. Using ambient sounds for productivity or even sleep aid is really popular nowadays. One need only look to the growth of apps like the aforementioned Tide, the inclusion of sleep sounds support in the Google Clock app, or the popularity of ambient sound playlists on YouTube and Spotify.

You can download Zen Mode from the Google Play Store and enjoy the feature on your OnePlus phones. You don’t need to have the latest and greatest to make use of this, it’s available to the OnePlus 5 and later.

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